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    DIY Halloween – Scarecrow

    The scarecrow is a classic American decoy used by farmers to scare the birds and crows from disturbing and feeding on their crops.  It’s also a popular fictional character from “The Wizard of Oz.”  However, best of all, it makes for a creative, easy to make Halloween costume idea for all ages.  The scarecrow costume is all about adding authentic details and a little bit of creativity.


    Here’s what you’ll all need to create this Scarecrow Halloween costume:

    • Make-Up
      • Yellow and Orange Grease Paint
      • Black Eyeliner Pencil
      • Orange Hued Lipstick
    • What to wear?
      • Your favorite flannel
      • A bright cami
      • Destructed Jeans
      • Straw Hat

    The make-up for this look is super easy and can be made to look sweet or scary.  Start with covering the face in yellow grease paint.  Then add in the black eyeliner to add in thickened, exaggerated lashes, and stitching to the lip line.  Add touches of orange grease paint to the checks, and top off with an orange-hued lipstick.

    To outfit yourself as the perfect Halloween scarecrow, start with a bright hued cami and layer with your favorite flannel.  Add a great pair of destructed jeans, and finish off with a straw hat.  It’s super easy to create a cute scarecrow and you’ll be able to wear your favorite flannel again throughout the fall season.



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    DIY Halloween – Poker Face

    Did you know that Halloween is on a Friday this year?!  We are so excited for all the dress-up parties, but wanted to find a solution to our annual costume dilemma.  Check out the great DIY Halloween costume ideas that we came up with that put a focus on make-up and an easy outfit.  It’s so simple that you can put your look together in a few minutes, you’ll be able to wear the outfit more than once, and best of all, you won’t break the bank!Poker Face

    Our first look is called Poker Face!  Not only a great play on words, it’s an easy costume that you can put together with items you have at home.  Here’s what you’ll all need:

    • Head Piece:
      • Headband
      • Black Mesh
      • Playing Cards
      • Wire
      • Hot Glue
    • Make-Up:
      • White grease paint which can be found in the Halloween section.
      • White Hairspray
      • Black Eyeliner Pencil & Eyeliner Creme
      • Red Lipstick

    For the headpiece, start by taking your black mesh, bunch it up and hot glue it to the headband.  No need to be precise, the messier the better.  Then take the wire and glue it to the back of the playing cards and wrap the other end of the wire around the headband.

    For the make-up, begin by putting your hair up and cover your hair with white hairspray.  Next, take your favorite eyeliner pen and outline a large diamond over your eye and fill it in with eyeliner creme.  Continue to draw hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds down your cheek to create the whole playing card look.

    Top this whole look off with a simple white sweater that you can wear long past Halloween.


    Be sure to check back next week!  We’ve put together the trendiest Halloween look of the year, the Sugar Skull!  We’ll show you how great make-up can transform a simple outfit into the coolest Halloween look you’re friends will be jealous of!
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  3. Stack It On

    Stack It On!

    Once the seasons change from summer to fall, the favorite thing in my wardrobe to update first is my accessories! Colder temperatures may bring about visions of cozy scarves and chunky mittens, but I’m all about a jewelry upgrade. There is something so refreshing about having some new pieces to help bring to life some of the older clothing in your closet.  One easy way to reinvent your jewelry look is by mixing metals. Shades of gold, copper, and silver all blend together beautifully to mimic the depth of color that comes alive in Fall.

    Mixed Metals

    This season, I’m also a huge fan of ring stacking! Within the last few months, midi rings have been making a huge statement in jewelry. These delicate rings sit right between your first and second knuckle and layer wonderfully with other rings below! Don’t be afraid to stack them on! It really does create an interesting and dynamic look. It’s also a really great way to also call attention to your manicure.

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Mixed Media

Mixing is the new matching! Careful coordination has been replaced by a fearless fusion of

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